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“Funny and Twisted Story” -Amazon Reviewer. 

“I can’t recommend this story highly enough” -Jeffery X. Martin, author of Hunting Witches. 

“KTRH Channel 8 New, coming to you with a breaking report. Just hours ago, workers at Ronald’s Burger discovered the body of the store manager in the parking lot adjacent from the building. Warning, the images we are about to show you are extremely graphic and unsuitable for children under the age of eighteen…” 

Whit had played it safe all his life, but when the world seems against you, how long can good boys stay good? He was never a drunkard, he never said a bad word to anyone, never gossiped or cut anyone off on the road, he paid his taxes, even called his mom every Sunday, he’d never even had a tattoo before…until one night, the night a mysterious and malicious clown turned everything upside down.


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