Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow. Not to sound cliche, but I can’t believe the holidays are already upon us. Halloween will always be my favorite holiday of the year, but truth be told, I favor the others just as much. Of the two, Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving has a different vibe. Halloween and Christmas have a “wow factor” to them. Lots of decor and movies and books and songs and overall loud celebration. Whereas Thanksgiving has a quiet disposition. More humble, taking stock of what we have to be thankful for, and not just the historical roots of the reason for the season. I know I personally have a lot to be thankful for.

And of course I haven’t even mentioned the best part of Thanksgiving–THE FOOD!!! There’s the turkey, of course (baked, smoked, or fried). Mash potatoes and gravy and yams and green bean casserole and corn bread stuffing. Hmm….its all so good. But my favorite dish is sweet potato casserole. Below is a recipe from Food Network that I’ve used before. Its certainly a crowd pleaser, and it doubles as a side dish + dessert.


The day after Thanksgiving, while we’re all making cold turkey sandwiches and feeling very bloated in our pajamas, is the weekend of some rather huge cyber and store sales. Around this time of year I like to mark down some of my own stuff as my thanks to readers and to celebrate the season. And this year I’ve got even bigger news to share.

My latest book, ISLAND OF THE FLESH EATERS, is now available for preorder on Amazon. eBook only thus far. Paperback and audiobook soon to follow. Huge thanks to Michael Bray for this really awesome classic 1980s horror themed cover. Reminds me a lot of Lucio Fulci movies (which is the theme of the book). And thanks also to my editor Chad A. Clark and to Darker Worlds Publishing for taking on yet another one of my tales.

And all preorders have been marked down to $0.99!!!

flesh eaters ebook


From the writer of Planet of the Dead and War for the Planet of the Dead comes a new chapter in the undead universe…

Rachel Hawkins, a Galveston Daily News reporter investigating the affluent Gasper family, follows a brother in search of his missing sister and a security team to a remote tropical island resort where a priest faces an epidemic of flesh eating undead.

Coming January 21, 2019…
Preorder today!


Also, my recent vampiric release The Last Hellfighter will be marked down to $0.99 starting this Friday (11/23) – Thursday (11/29). The sale only applies to the eBook edition, but just so you know, the audiobook features Whispersync for Voice, which means the audiobook is significantly marked down for those who own the eBook, which also means that if you purchase the eBook at $0.99, you can pick up the audiobook for $7.49 ($19.95 regular retail price), that’s nearly 63% off. Not too shabby. And Rick Gregory did the narration, do you know its good!

last hellfighter ebook smallrez

Ben Harker, Harlem native. WWI veteran. Vampire slayer.

In the year 2044, reporters from the Public Relations Ministry gather at the home of Benjamin Harker, the last surviving member of the Harlem Hellfighters. At the age of 144, he is the oldest recorded man alive. 
Hidden among them, Clyde Bruner is looking for a different kind of story. Across the United States, despite the Great Walls and patrol drones built to keep America secure, something has found its way in. And now towns are vanishing during the night. Entire populations, gone. Only to return after the sun sets, changed, unholy, and lethal. And whatever this evil is, its spreading west. 
According to a bedtime story Bruner’s grandfather told him when he was a boy, Benjamin Harker has seen this before. He’s faced this scourge. Fought this evil. Survived them. Killed them. From the trenches of the Great War to the jungles of Vietnam to the sands of Iraq, Harker will search his past to save our future. 

But as each city light extinguishes across the country, is there no time left to stop what’s coming?

eBook $0.99 (starting 11/23-11/29)  


And that wraps up new fiction for 2018 (though technically Flesh Eaters releases in January 2019 I’m still counting it as finished in 2018). Next month I’ll share a more detailed tally for 2018 and include those links in case you missed them. Book projects for next year have already started to formalize and I have begun work on my next book, Palace of Ghosts. As this one will be more “serious” in nature, tackling PTSD in a new way, it’s proving to be challenging, but also exhilarating. I’m excited to see where the story goes. Next month I’ll share more of the synopsis and part of the cover (maybe). And i’ll discuss more about next year’s planned books including the third installment of my Planet of the Dead series called Escape from the Planet of the Dead. For a detailed list of upcoming projects click over on the “coming soon” tab.


Okay friends, that’s enough out of me. I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Eat. Drink. And be merry for who knows what tomorrow brings. Take rest. If your Christmas is anything like mine, you are in for one busy season! And as always never forget to…

Live. Laugh. Scream!


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