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ESCAPE from the PLANET of the DEAD

(available for preorder)

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PLANET of the DEAD continues!!!

War has devastated our planet. Radiation and ash from atomic bombs have clouded the sky—blocking out the sun. Nuclear winter scorches the land with freezing temperatures. And the dead march in the millions. Hidden in an undisclosed underground bunker off the coast of China, Doctor Ying searches for a cure. But time is running out as her military escort’s impatience grows with each passing day.

Traveling east along I-10, Polk, Jelks, Collins, and Doctor Ahuja follow a rumor that may be too good to be true. The world has become more viscous in the months since the first bombs fell. Is there anywhere left where people can thrive once again?

As General Rusk basks in the glory of his own created paradise, a storm is brewing. But this is no meteorological phenomena… There is something coming from the wastelands of the north that could very well wipe the last dregs of humanity off the face of the planet.


City of the Flesh Eaters

(available on eBook 8/13)



Houston, Texas, 1985. 0735 hrs. Franco Hernandez is pronounced dead. At 0755 hrs. he awakens. By 1100 hrs. the virus has spread throughout St. Mary’s Hospital infecting patients and staff. 1600 hrs. the contagion has spread across Galveston. 1715 hrs. the Galveston Police Department is overrun. 2100 hrs. Houston is overrun with the undead.

Kris King had always wanted a life of importance. In the midst of a city caught in widespread panic and chaos, and the dead eating the flesh of the living, will he become the leader he always dreamed he could be and shepherd a group of unlikely survivors taking shelter at a local Blockbuster Video store?

Officer Mendez has been with the Galveston Police Department all his career. As the contagion spreads, he senses that this is no ordinary sickness. His suspicions are confirmed when the city suddenly erupts into chaos as healthy everyday citizens are turned into something unthinkable, vicious and feral. As the pandemic threatens to consume Houston, will Mendez keep his wits enough to survive getting out of the city?

For fans who love Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE and Bruno Mattei’s HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD comes the sequel to ISLAND OF THE FLESH EATERS…in CITY OF THE FLESH EATERS!!!


Palace of Ghosts

(Now Available!)

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Evil resides in Amon Palace. Something worse came to visit.

Four veterans of the Iraq War seeking a cure for Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder arrive at a notoriously haunted house in the bogs of Galveston Island called Amon Palace.  Samantha Green, a friendless former Army K-9 handler looking for a way to put her loss behind her. Brad Myers, a lighthearted former Military Police Officer severally wounded in war wanting nothing more than a good nights sleep. Andy Lovejoy, an overweight light spoken drone operator who once watched the war from above now questions who he has become. Marcus Pangborn, a headstrong Marine who desperately wants a dead friend’s forgiveness.

The group joins Doctor Frederick Peters, an experimental psychologist looking to prove his exposure theory hypothesis, and his two assistants, Tiffany Burgess and Dexter Reid.

At first, their stay seems to conjure nothing more than spooky encounters with inexplicable phenomena. But Amon Palace is gathering its powers—and soon it will reveal that these veterans are not who they seem.


Island of the Flesh Eaters

(available on eBook, paperback, and audiobook)

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Houston, Texas, 1985, while investigating the affluent and seedy Gasper family, Rachel Hawkins, a junior reporter with the Galveston Daily News, stumbles upon a story that will make her career.

Billy Gasper, son to the billionaire tycoon Gasper Family is missing. His yacht found near the Port of Galveston, abandoned all but for a seemingly deranged captain. Where are the crew? And where is Billy?

Meanwhile, while searching for his missing sister who was last seen with her boyfriend Billy Gasper, RadioShack manager Mark joins an ex-military security team hired by Mr. Gasper to find his son. Hidden away, Hawkins joins Mark and the hired goons as they race across the Gulf of Mexico to a private tropical island resort.
All attempts at radio communicate with the island have failed. Its as if the entire resort with hundreds of vacationers and staff have disappeared.
What is really going on? And what will the rescue team find when they get there?

For fans who love Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE and Bruno Mattei’s HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD comes… ISLAND OF THE FLESH EATERS!!!


War for the Planet of the Dead

(available on paperback, eBook, and audiobook)


PLANET of the DEAD continues…

Following the events of Planet of the Dead, survivors of the expanding outbreak take shelter in homes and bunkers and apartment complexes. Across the world, armed police and military struggle to maintain safety. Tensions mount as the worst imaginable comes to pass when nuclear weapons are used on civilian populations overrun with the living dead. Soon afterward, a coup mounts between warring factions of Generals, ruining the best-laid plans of two AWOL soldiers, a cybernetically enhanced veteran, and a scientist, forcing them to fight both humans and flesh-eating hordes of undead as they seek refuge from a planet plagued by war.


The Last Hellfighter

(available on paperback, eBook, and audiobook)

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Ben Harker, Harlem native. WWI veteran. Vampire slayer.

In the year 2044, reporters from the Public Relations Ministry gather at the home of Benjamin Harker, the last surviving member of the Harlem Hellfighters. At the age of 144, he is the oldest recorded man alive. 

Hidden among them, Clyde Bruner is looking for a different kind of story. Across the United States, despite the Great Walls and patrol drones built to keep America secure, something has found its way in. And now towns are vanishing during the night. Entire populations, gone. Only to return after the sun sets, changed, unholy, and lethal. And whatever this evil is, its spreading west. 

According to a bedtime story Bruner’s grandfather told him when he was a boy, Benjamin Harker has seen this before. He’s faced this scourge. Fought this evil. Survived them. Killed them. From the trenches of the Great War to the jungles of Vietnam to the sands of Iraq, Harker will search his past to save our future. 

But as each city light extinguishes across the country, is there no time left to stop what’s coming?


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