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Never Forget…a reflection on 9/11

Today marks eighteen years since the terror attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 (a domestic passenger flight that had also been hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists as part of the 9/11 attacks. It crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.)… Continue Reading “Never Forget…a reflection on 9/11”

Reflections of an indie writer part 2

It occurred to me that my first Reflections of an indie writer article mostly just talked about my developing philosophy regarding being an indie writer and didn’t really include any of the different strategies I employed. What worked? What didn’t? etc. etc. so, I… Continue Reading “Reflections of an indie writer part 2”

Reflections from an indie writer

Another year, poof…gone. Funny how time works. Relativity and all that. And it has become (or has always been) customary to reflect on the past years achievements, failures, and experiences and then to cast our gaze into the new year that waits before us.… Continue Reading “Reflections from an indie writer”